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Many reasons to choose Californian Smash Repairs

How do you treat your clients?

We’re the repair shop that goes the extra distance to assist you in any way we can. We use the latest in computerised quoting and job tracking/production scheduling systems to ensure an efficient, streamlined workshop, resulting in your vehicle being repaired as quickly as possible. If you have more specific requirements please call us and we are more than happy to assist you.


Are your clients happy with your work?

We’re proud to say they are. Whether it’s for a quality smash repair, help with insurance, or any other service we’re happy to put you in touch with our customers. Find out what people are saying about Californian Smash Repairs: Testimonials.


Can you manage my insurance company?

Absolutely, our friendly staff can assist with lodging insurance claims and arranging replacement vehicles. We aim to provide quotes within 24 hours and pickup and delivery of your vehicle can be arranged from your home or workplace. Find out more.


Do you have high quality facilities?

We run a large and ultra-modern repair shop which includes:

  • Low bake ovens
  • The latest Alignment Body Jig for chassis alignment
  • Trained staff to carry out smart repair techniques,
  • Welding plant suitable for the most recent & modern vehicles.
  • Paint mixing room is equipped with fully compliant paints
  • State of the art technology for colour identification
  • An auditable repair process
  • Mini valet and a final quality control check
  • QC management team


We have capacity to store more up to 100 vehicles, making us the quality choice for companies with fleets.  Find out more about our fleet services.


Call us for advice
02 9316 7331
Or use the contact form to get
a priority FREE quote